Rabbit Meat


Only for hand delivery and pickup in Orleans and Lamoille counties of Vermont.

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At Wild North farm the animals are raised in families using natural methods. We believe the natural lifestyle and companionship is essential to providing them with a quality life and producing the healthiest, most delicious products for consumption. We use rotational grazing and forage feeding methods seasonally to keep the animals healthy and happy. Rotational grazing also helps improve our soils and make the farm landscape ideal for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs. During the winter months we continue to forage feed and supplement the pasture with local organic hay and grains. Our meats are free of any chemicals and synthetics as we use herbal medicine to prevent and treat any ailments. Their nutrition comes from the forage, organic grains and herbal supplements rather than synthetic vitamin mixes. We have found these methods to be by far the most effective for keeping animals healthy and thriving. These health benefits are passed through the meat directly to the consumer and you can taste the difference in the products.

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